GHOSTWRITING (workshop: write your story)

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Have you ever found yourself at a party, hearing, “Oh, you should so write about this!” Or, alternatively, saying to someone, “One day I’m going to write about this.”?

Yes? Then we should talk!

Here’s the thing. Writing might seem easy but once you sit down to do it, you get bogged down by the smallest things: how do you move from one moment to another, what is important, what will keep the reader reading, how to make it meaningful? It may be meaningful and important in your head but by the time it comes out, you’re lost in your own words.Maybe you’ve got a page or two but then the story just seems to run away like a dog let off a leash. Rover! Come back!

Rover’s gone. Good-bye.

I’m here to help you find Rover; I’m here to help you turn your brilliant ideas into something feasible: a book manuscript, an essay or a blog post (or posts) that will compliment your business.

In case of bigger projects — such as a memoir or a book of fiction — these are the kinds of stories that have probably lived with you for some quite some time and they’re itching to get out. But how do you get them out? Where do you begin? How do you write something that’s concise, original, not confined to stock phrases (“Last but not least”, “Be that as it may”, “In a nutshell”); something that is not only interesting to you but also to others? Being a ghostwriter means that I am able to figure out all those conundrums for you; I can put your ideas into coherent and creative whole. I can make them into the story that you’ve always dreamed of telling.

Writers are not snobs (okay, some are but that’s their problem) and although writing is an art form it’s also a skill just like any other. Using a ghostwriter is the perfect marriage of one person’s ideas combined with another person’s skill; it’s turning abstract into reality. (If this helps, think of a new home: you know exactly what you want it to look like but you still need an interior decorator to execute your ideas.)

My process differs depending on a client. In case of bigger projects, I conduct (record) interviews, ask critical questions, steer your mind in the direction that will end up with a book we’re both satisfied with. I help you organize ideas and design an outline. We think about themes, we think about how to make your story universal if you ever decide to go the traditional publishing route. (Please note that many stories are written just for family members or friends, kind of like mementos, and many are self-published.) In case of major projects we probably devise a schedule where we spend a lot of time together (on Skype, phone, in person), me trying to get inside your head a bit to extract that story. It’s not a painful process (the extraction is not surgical, I promise) and I’m more than happy to work to a tight deadline. Every client is different and this is something we would discuss during our initial consultation.

I also write blog posts (for companies, individual clients), emails, even love letters, and anything else that needs to be written that you might not have the time or skill to work on. You give me the topic, maybe some notes or even a quote you want me to expand on and I put it all together.

I think that’s all for now. No, your turn: get in touch and let me know your story! Please email me at or leave a comment here, for more information.

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