about Jowita

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I moved to Canada as a teenager. Currently, I live in Toronto. I wrote a bestselling memoir called Drunk Mom published by Doubleday Canada and HarperCollins Australia (2013) & Penguin USA (2014). (The book is also self-published in the U.K.) I’ve sold movie and TV rights do Drunk Mom to LD Entertainment in 2013.

My novel GUY (Buckrider Books) came out in October, 2016 and people liked it.

I also published a bunch of short stories. Like, here. Or here.

For fun, I hang out with my kid, talk to Naomi, read, ride my bike, make music mixes, wander around, and take pictures.

As a journalist, I mainly write about culture, social issues and mental health. I’ve been published in the National Post, the Globe and Mail, Salon magazine, The Times UK, Elle, FASHION, Chatelaine, Hazlitt, THIS magazine, etc. I write an occasional column for the cbc.ca on the topic of mental health. I’m a frequent contributor to The Fix magazine. I’ve never been published by VICE except when I trolled them twice back in my 20s. I’m funnier in person.





  1. I read an excerpt from Drunk Mum on Daily Life. Boy did the commentators hate you. I think you’re an excellent writer. I’m looking forward to reading your book. Wishing you all the best, Willem

  2. Czesc Jowita! I read your book and truly enjoyed it, the style and prose; I devoured it in 2 days. I wish you all the best and forget the haters. Trzymaj sie. – Agata

  3. Hi Jowito, I just saw an interview on Australia, Morning Show and am looking forward to reading your book. Thank you for your open and honest approach on delivering such a private message, you may, or may not, be surprised on how many mothers are out there now realizing they are NOT on their own. Smile Always

  4. i think there are many, many mothers who have been in your shoes, some that can readily admit it, some that will not recognize themselves as being there and others who deny it, either on purpose or to keep it blocked out. i read your book because i completely recognized myself several years ago following that path. i always thought i was an embarrassing rarity,.
    i wonder what the numbers would be if everyone answered honestly, would we be surprised or not?

  5. Made a point to look you up and let you know I admire your articulate honesty, courage and willingness to talk about taboo subjects; especially motherhood and society’s expectations of women.
    You’re a wonderful writer.
    Please keep sharing.

  6. Thank you for finally writing a book about what has gone on in my life the past 4 years! Relapse after relapse, the agony of my kids living in Canada with Thier dad because of this, the insanity of alcoholism! I have always wanted to write a book about where alcohol has taken me, even further rock bottom than you wrote about, but haven’t yet! THANK YOU for helping me feel every word you wrote because I have felt all those things! I appreciate your brutal honesty, something I struggle with.

  7. Ms Bydlowska, I saw you interviewed on The Agenda With Steve Paikin, and just finished reading Drunk Mom. What a courageous, brutally honest portrayal.

    Thanks for introducing me to a world I knew nothing about. All the best!

  8. I have just started reading your book!! Reluctantly, I just put it down to search you out. I am absolutely stunned by the pain you have gone through. I can relate on a similar level, though did not struggle to the extent you did. My heart is FULL. Anyone who is criticizing you is obviously seeing something in themselves – something they don’t want to see. I applaud your amazing courage. Mother to mother – I am glad you spoke out on this subject. We need each other!! I hope to meet you someday!!

  9. I heard an interview of you today on an NPR program. I commend your honesty, courage and the absolute integrity with which you present yourself. Powerful, powerful stuff. There are so many who simply cannot accept that the hellish struggle of addiction is widespread, yes, even among new moms.

  10. I just finished reading your book. I related to almost everything you wrote and loved the way you described my exact hell. Yes I’m a mom who just like you is looking around the park wondering if anyone else is hiding bottles all over the house including in the baby’s room! I used to hate waking up to find out what I had done the night before. Used to pride myself on always keeping it together when caring for my child, I was only a little buzzed. But I broke that promise to myself as well as every other promise I ever made. You are not alone and I wish I could come up to canada and sit down for some coffee with you. Thanks you for your share 😉

  11. I could not put your book down and have recommended it to members at my AA group and rehab after care. You are a talented writer with a unique and authentic style. Your story is beautifully honest and painfully accurate. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Dear Jowita,

    I’m the editor of a small weekly ezine for recovering alcoholics/addicts who have gone through treatment at Renascent, the non-profit treatment centre located here in Toronto.

    I’m writing because I would like to ask for your permission to reprint “The Children of Addiction,” which I found at thefix.com/children-addiction. I believe it would very interesting and helpful to our readers, and perfect for an upcoming issue themed around families and children.

    We would of course give appropriate copyright attribution, a link to your website and a short bio if you wish. The article would be emailed to our readers and would also reside in our online archive at renascent.ca/blog.

    Thanks very much,

    Caroline Lock
    Editor, TGIF Weekly Recovery Perspective
    Renascent Foundation

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