My name is Jowita Bydlowska and I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I moved to Canada as a teenager. Currently, I live in Toronto. I wrote a bestselling memoir called Drunk Mom  published by Doubleday Canada and HarperCollins Australia (2013) & Penguin USA (2014). (The book is also self-published in the U.K.)

My novel GUY (Buckrider Books) came out in October, 2016 to critical acclaim.  

I also publish short stories. Like here. Or here. Or here. Or here. (This one was picked for Best Canadian Short Stories 2017.)

I teach creative writing at Ryerson University and I mentor clients individually. I’ve edited a number of book-length manuscripts, consulted on both non-fiction (memoir) and fiction.

For fun, I read, ride my bike, make music mixes, wander around, and take pictures

As a journalist, I mainly write about culture, social issues and mental health. I’ve been published in the National Post, the Globe and Mail, Salon magazine, The Times UK, Elle, FASHION, Chatelaine, Hazlitt, THIS magazine, etc. I write an occasional column for the cbc.ca on the topic of mental health. I’m a frequent contributor to The Fix magazine. I’ve never been published by VICE except when I trolled them twice back in my 20s. I’m funnier in person.