Hey there,

It’s been a while. I went to Pizza Pizza and back hence the silence.

Here are some dates:

September 25 at 11:30 am, I’ll be reading at the Word on the Street

October 1st at 7:30 pm, Belljar Cafe 7:30 PM as part of Nuit Blanche (Kristel Jax, Graham Nicholas and me)

GUY comes out October 4th (Amazon says November 1st but that’s for my US friends and anyway, you can still pre-order.)

October 13, at 7 pm I’ll be reading at the International Festival of Authors (IFOA), Litontour in Midland 

October 14th at 5 pm a panel “How to Keep Going” and at 9:15 pm “Naughty Bits Read” at  the Calgary Wordfest

October 22nd 6:30 pm, I’ll be reading at the Ottawa Writers Festival


October 20th, 7 pm at the Monarch tavern in Toronto: