Why don’t I write here more?


I often think of writing here more. Like writing an actual blog where I share all my hopes and dreams and tips for darning socks. And also, rants. I have some rants. About things like–

Anyway. So this website exists mainly because of my memoir and things connected to it, which is why not. I’ve said enough in public and I keep reminding myself that the last thing I want a journalist doing a story on Drunk Mom to do is ask me about my opinion about–

(I don’t know if this helped. Kind of. I still feel like ranting a bit.)

Okay. Here’s one. I don’t like reading articles about my memoir where it is clear that whoever wrote it didn’t actually read the book. Okay, maybe reading the book is a lot to ask — journalists are really busy — but at least read about it. 

And now, for something completely different:

How to ensure rehab doesn’t work