I’m overwhelmed

Beautiful words from a beautiful person.

Second Verse

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that over the past 12 hours. I’m absolutely stunned by the outpouring of support from everyone — and not just the financial support. Every share on Facebook and Twitter, all the beautiful, amazing, kind things people have written about me…you guys have buried me in an avalanche of love. And not just people I know — dozens of people I’ve never met have donated and shared kind words of support and love. It just goes to show I keep very good company, and my company, in turn, keeps good company.

Illness is often an isolating experience. There is so much you have to go through alone, so much you can’t share, no matter how you try. But this experience has reminded me that I am surrounded by the most incredible people, that I am supported by a wonderful community.

There is so…

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