My opinion

Many people write and talk to me because of the book. I’m always touched when people say they can relate to it but I am in no position to give anyone any advice. I am not a doctor and not an addictions specialist. I only have my own experience and that of others to relay on. In my opinion, it is irresponsible for people to make definitive statements about addiction and how to get over it unless they’ve done years of research (see Gabor Maté) and have worked with addicts (and perhaps struggled with addiction themselves – that’s just for the “street cred”).

I do not have years of addictions research (unless you count, you know, personal research) (and for the record, I disagree with Maté about certain things even though he knows way better than I do). I only have my own experience. And my own opinions. Here are three I will share with you because I keep getting asked about them:

  1. Do you need Higher Power to stay sober? No.
  2. Does it matter why you drank? No.
  3. Is AA the only way to stay sober? No.

And if anyone tells you differently, in MY OPINION  they are full of it.