Went to Calgary for the wordfest where I had the warmest reception ever and made so many great people that I can’t even properly remember and I want to list them but I worry I won’t remember somebody and that will be assholish of me not remember that person so in order not be assholish I won’t list that person and those persons. Then I went to Banff Centre for the Literary Summit. Came back from there, from Banff, the most gorgeous place on Earth (one of them, so technically not the most gorgeous on Earth but maybe, who can really tell). This is what it looked like:


but better!

Now I’m in Vancouver and Vancouver is an enchanted place filled with fog, blurred lights, the smell of the Ocean and I can’t wait to explore it more. My event in on Friday at 10 am and then at 1 o’clock. Please come: I would love to meet my readers there. I’ll sign your books. I won’t d a little dance but I would if I could.