Summing it up

Oh, hi there. It’s been a while. I went to Montreal and Winnipeg and then Calgary to talk about the book. I met lots of lovely people, signed lots of books and talked to lots of media. It was busy and also surreal and lonely in that attractive way, the hotel-room way: Eating strawberries out of the box at midnight watching that screeching monster, Nancy Grace, on a flat screen the size of a small country in Europe.

 It’s difficult to describe what doing 50+ emotionally draining interviews and meeting people and reading press about myself has been like. But here’s one experience that should sum it all up nicely. 

I did a reading in Winnipeg. It was at the end of a very busy day but lots of lovely people showed up and there was a solid lineup to get books signed. A young woman approached my table and said she came all the way to see me because she heard me on the radio and wanted to meet me. She was born with FAS and herself was struggling with addiction. She blurted it all out and it was intense and heartbreaking (for her to say it, for me to hear it), and we both started crying and grabbed onto each other’s hands and had this crazy moment. I asked her to hang on because I wanted to talk to her some more, later. She came back at the end with an older couple who… bought her my book (she couldn’t afford it). The couple’s own daughter was still drinking, the mother said in a shaky voice, and the father couldn’t even speak.  They left with the young woman, with their signed books, and it was suddenly very hard for me to dwell on the one shitty article that came out earlier that day in the local paper.  


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  1. In the large picture.. you continue to make a difference.. it’s a voice that resonates and will continue to be needed. Stay strong ❤

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