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There were good reviews and not so good reviews. There were some hysterical ones. And then there was this Tweet:


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  1. Hi,
    I’ve only been able to read the excerpts from this pile of rubbish and find it difficult to read due to the fact that it is littered with commas after every 5-7 word and doesn’t really sound as “clinical” as you would describe it. It is, rather a self absorbed simpleton’s mutterings while recovering from a hangover.

    At any rate, I won’t indulge myself in taking the pleasure in ridiculing you for being an embarrassment to both yourself and your family (your child more so than your sister or boyfriend.) But I will say this: I find it hard to believe that anyone with a brain actually thinks that this nonsense book will actually help any one else from addiction as it does not offer any meaningful insight. It reads more like a gossipy rant of an immature brat. It’s not so much about how you have convinced yourself that you are doing something for society or humanitarian by sharing a story so un-unique and common among all denominations in society. And if any one knows you like I happen to, it is safe to conclude that it’s still all about your ego and using the criticism and negative reviews as fuel to say that you are stigmatized for your addiction. It’s not the fact that you ARE a lush, it’s the fact that you enjoyed bullying and treating others like shit when you were drunk. So don’t think you are victim because people don’t like you for who you really are underneath the facade of a drunk. It’s not the booze, it’s you that is fucked up.

    You will likely delete this comment because it is not lauding you for knowing how to string words together to tell a very sad story that isn’t special. Just realize that all the attention you get from your book only makes you look more desperate for attention, and not an advocate for change in addiction therapies or treatment, since you never actually got any!!

    • Nadine,
      This is a first person account of HER story. Whether or not you know Jowita, and have a personal opinion on her motives is irrelevant. It’s HER story here, not yours.

      To attack her in this manner is actually more sadder than Jowita’s story she shares. Why? She is a person who has an addiction to alcohol, and has worked at overcoming it. She chooses to work at it. You have previous history with her, and have issue with her. You have chosen to be an asshole.

      In this life we all struggle with things, some more mightily than others. It is to be respected that we fight rather than give in to our struggles. This book tells the story of a couple people I know, and I now have greater compassion and hope for these mothers.

      Again Thank you Jowita for telling your story.

      In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ~Einstein

  2. Nadine,
    Clearly you are sad and jealous of Jowita’s success. I’m sure she did treat people like crap as drunks will and I unfortunately have been guilty of this in the past. Personally, I can relate to her stuggles both with substance abuse and as a mother. I found this book painful in its honesty, yet eloquent. Jowita doesn’t claim to have the answers, she bares her pain which she needed to do as part of her recovery and felt the human need to try to apologize to her family. She does not paint herself in a favourable light at all but this is one of the most poignant books I have read in a long time. I did find it both helpful and hopeful.

    Thank you Jowita and piss off Nadine!

  3. My previous comment was for Nadine BTW, may she stumble upon (emotional) sobriety, just as Jowita did.

  4. I think we are all a bit fucked up and drinking, for some, is a way to try to cope with that. And I can say that this book has indeed helped me a bit. It convinced me to go back to AA. I don’t know if AA will help but I have to try.

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