Hiding & researching

Are you the only one that’s hiding the bottles, hiding hangovers, hiding your breath and your mouth and your eyes, your humiliations? When you’re in it, the addiction, it feels that way, it feels that you are the only one. You are not the only one. (Okay, unless you’re Yeti and you’re doing all of that. Or the Pope. Then you’re truly the only one.)

If you are like I was (cautious and drunk), you’ll be checking things out for a while before making any dramatic moves, like asking for help while you’re dying. I was already sober by the time I’ve stumbled on Don’t Get Drunk Friday but it was so good to read the stories and remind myself how exciting the life of an alcoholic can be: Passing out in your salad! Fighting with your loved ones! Blackouts! Puking! Sleeping with your shoes on! (I’m just listing my own personal favourites).

Anyway, I encourage you to check it out whether you’re still in hiding or not. Also, let me know of any places online where people share their addiction stories and I’ll list them here.